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Aron Burton has been Singing and Performing
Music for More Than 50 Years.

He was Born in Senatobia Mississippi
on June 15Th, 1938.
Aron Burton began His Music Career Singing
Gospel at the Local Churches at the age of 10.
He was very much in Demand Because He was
"Gifted" with such a Deep Resonant Voice.

He Relocated to Chicago in 1955, and Settled on
The "West Side," First in the 25th Ward,
Then in the 27th Ward.

Chicago's West Side is

World Renowned
for All the Distinct Styles
Music, Born There.

That's where Aron added: R+B, Blues, Rock-N-Roll,
and Jazz, To his Repertoire. He's Studied All Kinds of Music
Under the watchful eyes of Masters such as:
Freddy King Who gave Aron His 1st Bass,
Johnny Littlejohn Who's Aron's Brother-Inlaw,
and Albert Collins Who saw Aron's Band playing at the
Kingston Mines in Chicago and hired Him "On The Spot,"
to be His Band Leader. That's how the"Original Ice Breakers"
Came into existence. Ask Aron about the Name, it's an
interesting story.

Aron can play any style of Music. Once, He even played POLKA,
Just ask Him, He'll tell You all about it.
Although He has done so
much, and been so many places, He never let it all "Go to His head."
He is very approachable, and will gladly sign autographs, or
Answer any questions You may have about His Illustrious Career.

He's played with
: Albert Collins, Freddy King, James Cotton,
Fenton Robinson, Carey Bell, David "Honeyboy" Edwards,
Valerie Wellington, Willie Mabon, Lester "Mad Dog" Davenport,
Johnny "Littlejohn" Funches, Big Jack Johnson
Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater, George "Wild Child" Butler,
Jimmy Walker, Erwin Helfer, Jimmy Burns, Doug Fagan, Larry
Burton (Aron's Brother,) Allan Batts, Champion Jack Dupree,
Oh, I could go on for days.

He has Appeared on More Than 37 Record Albums!
Just Check Out His Discography Page. That List
Consists of The Recordings I could find.
There are Many More of His "Tracks" out there.
I'm Counting on All The Blues Fans World Wide,
to Supply Me with More Leads.
You can e-mail Me at: justjude44@yahoo.com

Today, 11/01/07, He's back in Chicago. How long He'll be
There? That's Anybody's guess. Remember, He's the
"Original Wandering Blues Boy," Just like He sang about
on His Album "Past, Present, Future," (See Below)

He spent Years over in Europe, and That's Where
He Recorded an Album with The Master Pianist, Singer,
Composer, Painter, and Master Story Teller,
Champion Jack Dupree. The Album "Past, Present, Future"
was First Released On Aron's Own Label,
Avaron Music.
The Record was re-released in the United States,
By Michael Frank, Owner of Earwig Music.


While Aron was serving a Tour of Duty in the
Armed Forces, He won the "USERA Award"
for Best Music Group.

When He returned to Europe on a Tour of His Own,
He won the "Talkin' Blues Award."

He's been On Stage at Every
"Chicago Blues Festival,"
Since it's Inception.

He's even been in a few Comercials.

And Still During the day, While Raising a Family.
He worked a Full Time Job as a Master Gardener
for The Chicago Park District's
Garfield Park Conservatory, Click Link.
This place has a totally enclosed sanctuary for huge trees,
gardens of desert plants, a beautiful walk through
section with a waterfall, and many sections with flowers.
It's Over On The West Side, You Must see it!

He also Created some of The Beautiful Gardens
along Chicago's Lake Front, In and Around
Grant Park. (Where The Chicago Blues Fest Is Held.)

And at Night, He Still Made His
Music Magic.

Please Check Out His Discography Page on this Web Site,
You Will Be Impressed. Truly, Aron Burton has Reached
"Master Musician" Status.

More "About Aron Burton" History will be
added to this Web Site Page in the Near Future,
If any of You Other Fans want to add Your "Stories"
about Aron Burton, feel free to e mail Me at:

justjude/ Web Mistress